Life Sciences Real Estate Data

Explore over 500 life science real estate deals from across the UK and Europe

Look under the hood

Over 500 deals sorted into sales, leases, new builds and conversions. In total, we give you access to over 19 billion square meters of intelligence.

Key facts:

  • Number of deals: 589
  • Total measurement: 19.6 billion square meters
  • Total value: €44.6 billion

Easily filter, sort, or search any record

Our data can easily be sorted, filtered, and searched. The result is instantaneous, so you don't have to wait to analyse your data.

Access the full details of each deal

Each record can be expanded to reveal more details. We collect the location, the measurement of the asset, the value of the transaction, the main dealmaker and a detailed explanation of the event.

For Premium members only

Our data is only accessible to our Premium plan members. If you do not see the data below, click on the button to subscribe or to upgrade your current plan.

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