Clusters and technology parks

Industrial heritage and life sciences come together in London's Knowledge Quarter

Insights from Tom Murphy of DMA, the Project Lead for 4 Brandon Road in London's Knowledge Quarter
4 Brandon Road shown on map of London
4 Brandon Road shown on map of London
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Introducing Brandon Road

In December 2023, Islington Council approved plans for the new development at 4 Brandon Road in London N7. The development for Kadans Science Partner was designed by David Miller Architects (DMA). It sits adjacent to 5-10 Brandon Road, another life science facility currently under construction that DMA is also working on with Kadans as part of the fast-growing ‘Knowledge Quarter’ (KQ) in and around King’s Cross. 5-10 Brandon Road is further advanced in its development and will be completed in Q1 2024, whereas 4 Brandon Road will reach that stage in about two years.

As a driving force in the UK’s life science arena, Kadans have a third development in the area, at 18-20 Tileyard Road where DMA are also preparing designs. The three buildings are about twenty minutes’ walk from King’s Cross St Pancras, one of London’s busiest stations.

Aerial view of London's Knowledge Quarter
Aerial view of London's Knowledge Quarter

The Knowledge Quarter

KQ is an excellent example of life sciences located within an urban environment. Its one-mile (1.6 km) radius encompasses a 105-acre (43-hectare) area of King’s Cross, Bloomsbury, and Euston Road in London. The KQ has evolved around the Francis Crick Institute and includes the Alan Turing Institute, University College Hospital, University College London, and the Wellcome Trust. The location captures a broad mix of science, tech, art, history, and culture. KQ has multiple owners.

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