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An exploration of Eisai’s EMEA Knowledge Centre

EKC main building
EKC main building (© Eisai)
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Eisai is a global leading research-based pharmaceutical company working in the neurology and oncology therapeutic areas. Its UK facility, known as the EMEA Knowledge Centre (EKC), is located 22 miles (35km) north of London. Located within the “Golden Triangle” life sciences cluster of Oxford, Cambridge, London and England’s greater south-east, the EKC accommodates research, manufacturing and headquarter office facilities for the EMEA region on site.

We posed a number of questions to Andy Takle, VP and Head of Hatfield Research Laboratories, and Ajay Angris, Senior Director, UK Research Operations to better understand how the EKC has evolved, what advantages it delivers and any future challenges. Both share their thoughts below, alongside information and contributions from Karen Foley, VP, Integrity and Site Management, Central Services and UK Site Operations, Paul Dale, EMEA Director of Estates, and Alex Felthouse, Managing Director of Eisai Manufacturing.

I understand that Eisai EMEA has been operational at the EMEA Knowledge Centre since 2009. Has the space always been used to accommodate R&D, production and HQ facilities?

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