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Berlin/Brandenburg is a metropolitan region consisting of two of Germany’s 16 federal states or Länder - the city state of Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg. The region has a population of approximately six million people and thriving life sciences and tech sectors. “Low rent, a river of early-stage start-up funding, and a general willingness to start a company help make Berlin the fastest-growing tech city in Europe” according to Hubspot, the global software company which has offices in Berlin and 26 other cities.

There are more than 500 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in the region, alongside 46 universities and numerous non-university research institutions in the Berlin/ Brandenburg region. The list of universities includes Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of Potsdam, while the Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft feature among the non-university research institutions.

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