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Nurturing innovation: the real estate of life sciences incubators in Europe

European life sciences incubators provide flexible spaces, specialised equipment, and essential support services; they also foster innovation through strong academic and industry connections, funding opportunities, and collaborative environments.
Nurturing innovation: the real estate of life sciences incubators in Europe
The YES!Delft incubator at TU Delft (source
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Definition of incubator

Life sciences incubators empower entrepreneurs, academia, and early-stage companies to develop innovative products and solutions. They provide suitable spaces (often shared and on flexible terms), access to specialist equipment, and additional incubation services. While "incubator" sometimes refers to organisations or programmes, for our purposes, it must include a physical space.

Incubators are commonly located on science parks, university campuses, research institutes, or within innovation districts. They may also be found within large company facilities (e.g., Bayer and J&J) or converted industrial spaces. Some are part of wider networks, such as Kadans Science Partner or Superlab Suisse. They can be situated in city centres, suburbs, or out-of-town locations. While almost all incubators are housed in buildings, repurposed shipping containers have also been used.

On the map below is a diverse sample of 20 incubators we selected in Europe:

Diverse sample of 20 incubators in Europe
1 = ARC West London - London UK |2 = Bio4Dreams - Milan Italy| 3 = Bioinnovation Hub (BiH) - Oxford UK| 4 = BioLabs - Heidelberg Germany| 5 = BioVille - Diepenbeek Belgium| 6 = Birmingham Research Park - Birmingham UK| 7 = Cosymbio - Barcelona Spain| 8 = Deeplabs|MaSID - Madrid Spain| 9 = FUHUB - Berlin Germany| 10 = Genopole - Paris France| 11 = GO:IN - Potsdam Germany| 12 = IZB - Munich, Germany| 13 = Life Science Park - Krakow Poland| 14 = NovaUCD - Dublin Ireland| 15 = Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator - Oslo Norway| 16 = Superlab Suisse - Lausanne Switzerland| 17 = Sycamore House - Stevenage UK| 18 = Symbion - Copenhagen Denmark| 19 = Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) - Umeå Sweden| 20 = YES! Delft - Delft Netherlands

Common features of incubators

Whatever the location, there are certain shared characteristics among incubators:

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