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The company changing pharma lab scale-up: inside SmartLabs with Amrit Chaudhuri

Meet Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and Co-founder of SmartLabs, a pioneering research lab infrastructure model based in the US.
Photo of Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of SmartLabs
Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of SmartLabs
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SmartLabs is a flexible research lab infrastructure model designed to accommodate multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies simultaneously. The company is headquartered in Boston and has five locations in the Boston/Cambridge area. It has two further locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and another in Philadelphia. Over the last four years SmartLabs has raised a total of $354.6 million (€327.1 million / £280.8 million) in Series A and B funding rounds.

We interviewed Amrit Chaudhuri, the CEO and co-founder of SmartLabs, and he shared insights into his background, the genesis of SmartLabs, and the company's innovative approach to revolutionising the world of pharmaceutical infrastructure.

SmartLabs facility in Philadelphia
SmartLabs facility in Philadelphia

Background and path to SmartLabs

Amrit's journey in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry began with a decade-long tenure in big pharma, focusing on peptide-based development processes. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found and eventually sell a bioinformatics company during the 2010s. This experience allowed him to delve into the intersection of biology and informatics, a field that was gaining increasing importance as the pharmaceutical industry evolved.

The genesis of SmartLabs

In 2014, he co-founded SmartLabs, a venture aiming to address the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical research. SmartLabs sought to provide a more effective way to build the infrastructure supporting pharmaceutical research. The company officially launched in January 2015, marking the beginning of a journey that would disrupt traditional approaches to laboratory space and resource allocation.

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