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United Kingdom – Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland.
Edinburgh, Scotland. (© Robert V Ruggiero / Unsplash)
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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the seat of the Scottish Government and Parliament. The city is well established as a centre of education, particularly in the fields of medicine, literature, philosophy, science and engineering. It is the second-largest financial centre in the United Kingdom (after London) and the city’s historical and cultural attractions make it the UK’s second-most visited tourist destination, attracting 4.9 million visits in 2019. The 2020 city population was 527,600.

Introducing Edinburgh BioQuarter

Edinburgh BioQuarter is located on a 67.6ha (167 acre) site in the area of Little France, 7.9 kilometres (4.9 miles) south-east of the city centre, on the principal A7 arterial route. Travel time from the city is approximately 20 minutes by car, taxi or public transport.

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