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Interview with Artem Korolev of Mission Street

Interview with Artem Korolev of  Mission Street
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Mission Street is a specialist investor, developer and operator for the science and innovation sector. The company’s science and innovation portfolio of over 1 million sq ft (93,000 sq m) extends to Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol. Mission Street have also been active as development managers (for example, on Sycamore House in Stevenage, which featured in the 30 September 2022 edition of Life Sciences Real Estate).

We caught up with founder and CEO Artem Korolev in his office in London’s West End.

Artem Korolev
Phase 2 of new science hub for Central Oxford (source: Mission Street)

How could the life sciences and real estate sectors work better together?

Some of the major challenges at the moment are that the real estate and sciences sectors work at different paces. Growth of knowledge intensive businesses is often extremely rapid, whilst the development cycle usually takes several years – so we need to take a view on future evolution of our ecosystems. Secondly, real estate can often become an echo chamber driven by pre-conceived notions of best practice which are siloed from the wants of the ultimate customers.
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