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Dogpatch Labs, an 1820s warehouse in Dublin's docklands

CHQ Building in Dublin’s docklands
CHQ Building in Dublin’s docklands (© Robson90 / Bigstock)
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Dogpatch Labs is a start-up hub located in a huge 200-year-old warehouse called the CHQ Building in Dublin’s docklands. (CHQ refers to nearby Customs House Quay.) Dogpatch Labs share the building, which measures 155 by 55 metres (508 by 180 feet) with a museum called EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and several retail outlets.

Members of the Dogpatch Labs community have access to flexible workspace; mentoring and training from founders, entrepreneurs and investors; networking and collaboration events. In 2020, Dogpatch Labs was awarded the €17m tender to manage the National Digital Research Centre, the early-stage start-up accelerator for globally ambitious entrepreneurs that is backed by the Irish Government.

Start-ups located there are drawn from the life sciences and wider tech sectors. Here is a sample of current members and alumni: Jinga Life (digital health for use at home, Teckro (clinical trial software), Cumulus Neuroscience (neuroscience diagnostics), Beats Medical (central nervous system and rare genetic conditions), Empeal (digital health), Medosync (healthcare billing technology), Radmol AI (healthcare diagnostics using AI), Woebot Health (mental health app) Dogpatch Labs is part of a global network of such hubs run by Google for Start-ups.
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