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Interview with Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic

Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic
Marianne Larsson, Director of HealthTech Nordic
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In: Research and development
Marianne is the Director of HealthTech Nordic, which is led by Innovation Skåne in cooperation with other Nordic partners. Her background is in chemical engineering and biotechnology. Skåne is a region in southern Sweden. The Medicon Valley cluster comprises Skåne and Zealand in eastern Denmark.

Innovation Skåne is fully owned by Region Skåne, and its goal is to contribute to future public services and regional growth through innovation. Innovation Skäne provides innovation management and support for Region Skåne’s operations. It also runs growth projects supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in new industries where Skåne has strong capabilities, and where there is international growth potential.

HealthTech Nordic is one of the leading communities of Health Tech companies in the world. The member companies offer a variety of world-class health tech solutions which empower the individual, patients as well as professionals. It represents a paradigm shift, offering new and better ways to provide and to receive healthcare. The community consists of more than 200 companies, of which almost half are internationally established.
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