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Interview with Michel Leemhuis, CEO and co-owner at Kadans Science Partner

Michel Leemhuis, CEO and co-owner, Kadans Science Partner
Michel Leemhuis, CEO and co-owner, Kadans Science Partner
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Michel Leemhuis is the CEO and co-owner at Kadans Science Partner. The company is headquartered in The Netherlands and is a leading real estate company in the life sciences sector and other innovative sectors. Kadans offers office and research buildings all over Europe in combination with laboratories, cleanrooms, tech halls and pilot plants for Research and Development departments.

How could the life sciences and real estate sectors work better together?

To be successful in life sciences real estate it is important that there is a good mutual understanding of the tenant needs and the most appropriate real estate offering. In life sciences this is more complex than is the case in regular offices or industrial buildings. In life science it is about understanding how new knowledge is being developed at the universities and in companies and how new knowledge is being valorised. It is a continuous learning process how the needs of tenants are developing and how to accommodate these needs. This can be learned when there is good operational management in place to pick up the signals or manage expectations.
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