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The evolving role of pharmacies in healthcare real estate

The blending of healthcare delivery with retail marks a shift in both sectors.
The evolving role of pharmacies in healthcare real estate
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The healthcare landscape is witnessing a significant transformation and pharmacies are at the heart of this change. Moving beyond their traditional role as dispensaries and places to buy over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, pharmacies are now delivering a broader spectrum of services such as screening, vaccinations, emergency contraception, and diagnosis/treatment of certain illnesses. Boots, the largest pharmacy in the UK, now offers more healthcare services than ever before, and it has doubled in the past three years to 125. This shift is improving patient care and also influencing the real estate sector. The evolution prompts a re-evaluation of pharmacies, suggesting they might bridge the realms of retail and healthcare/life sciences real estate.

An evolving role in healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the crucial role of pharmacies in public health, highlighting their capabilities in vaccine administration and medication management. In England, the government’s recent Pharmacy First scheme is a testament to this shift, enabling pharmacists to prescribe treatments for specific common ailments, thus alleviating the burden on general practitioners.

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