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Poland – Krakow

Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland (© S-Studio/Bigstock)
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Poland is the largest pharmaceutical market in Central Europe and the sixth largest in the European Union. Poland’s pharmaceutical sales experienced a 12.9 percent year-on-year increase, reaching $15.6 billion (€14.2 billion / £12.3 billion) in 2021. Sales are forecasted to reach $23.8 billion (€21.7 billion / £18.7 billion) by 2026 and $33.3 billion (€30.3 billion / £26.1 billion) by 2031. There is a strong focus on both generics production and new product development. For the medical devices and equipment sector, revenue in Poland is projected at $3.6 billion for 2023 and total revenue is expected to reach $4.5 billion (€4.1 billion / £3.5 billion) by 2027.

In order to bolster the sector’s competitiveness and consolidate its position in the European market, the Polish government released its Governmental Development Plan for the Biomedical Sector for the years 2022–2031. This comprehensive plan aims to foster innovation, implement reforms, provide financing programs, and create an investor-friendly ecosystem. The Medical Research Agency (MRA) is at the forefront of implementing this programme, offering substantial grants for research on domestic production of generic and biosimilar medicines.

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