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Interview with Toğrul Gönden of DRIVEN Investment

Toğrul Gönden of DRIVEN Investment
Toğrul Gönden of DRIVEN Investment
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DRIVEN is a specialist investor, developer and operator for the science and innovation sector. We caught up with Toğrul in his office in Berlin.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I have been with DRIVEN Investment as a Managing Director since Day 1 in December 2018; therefore, I was able to witness all stages of our growth strategy to date. Before that I spent the previous 13 years working for two global advisory businesses in real estate, where I went through various business lines, asset classes and countries on this journey. I spent a combined 12 years in Moscow and Istanbul with these two firms before returning to my birthplace of Berlin in 2018. During my studies in architecture, I was employed at our family business, a general contracting business in construction in Berlin, for four and a half years. I spent two years during my studies in the US and

Spain before returning to Berlin to get my diploma in Architecture from the Technical University of Berlin. Easy to notice that returning to Berlin is a recurring theme in my life.

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