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London is a global city with a population of over nine million. It benefits from some outstanding universities, in particular University College London (UCL), Imperial College, and King’s College London. The city is served by 19 National Healthcare Services (NHS) Acute Trusts, and 16 NHS Community, Mental Health, and Specialist Trusts. London’s excellent public transport system delivers reliable connectivity to all parts of the metro area. The city’s urban lifestyle and cultural proximities are key to drawing in talent,and companies follow talent.

London is often described as being part of the Golden Triangle super cluster which includes Oxford and Cambridge, but the city itself has several established and emerging locations that each constitute a sizeable cluster linked to outstanding academia and / or NHS Trusts and associated major hospitals.The first section of this article will review the role of MedCity, which describes itself “the cluster organisation for the world leading health and life sciences sector in London”. The second part details nine existing and proposed London life science clusters.

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