Clusters and technology parks

Interview with Christine Wergeland Sørbye, CEO of Oslo Science City

Christine Wergeland Sørbye, CEO - Oslo Science City
Christine Wergeland Sørbye, CEO - Oslo Science City
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In: Clusters and technology parks
Oslo Science City is Norway’s first innovation district. Anchored in the City of Oslo’s 2019 “Strategy for the Development of the Knowledge Capital”, the new district will create a physical framework for Norway’s innovation environment of estimated 150,000 scientists, students, entrepreneurs. It will also contribute to the country’s transition to renewable energy.

Located in central Oslo, the area is currently home to approximately 300 start-up companies, 7,500 researchers, 10,000 hospital employees and 30,000 students. The year-long feasibility study to add 1.4 million sq m (15 million sq ft) is the first step towards creating the physical framework for an innovation district in the country and plans for Oslo regions growth of 22 percent by 2045 or approximately 1.6 million inhabitants.

Four thematic areas have been identified where the actors in Oslo Science City have world-leading knowledge: 1. Health and life sciences 2. Climate, energy and environment between the universities and knowledge institutions, start-ups and business to stimulate innovation,value creation, and sustainable new jobs. 3. Digitalisation and computational science 4. Democracy and inclusion. These thematic “centres of gravity” are areas where Norway and Oslo Science City can participate in developing solutions with global relevance.
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