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Shaping the future: insights from leading figures in life sciences real estate in Europe

In 2023, we interviewed six prominent figures in the life sciences real estate sector. Their insights are fascinating.
Life sciences real estate is on a growth trajectory
Life sciences real estate is on a growth trajectory
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We've recently interviewed six key players from the life sciences real estate industry, each offering unique insights into a market that's buzzing with change and growth.

In this piece, we'll distill their collective knowledge into an easy-to-digest overview, aiming to give you a clear view of where this industry is headed in 2024.

Thanks to our six interviewees: Martina La Vista of Lendlease, Rob Beacroft of Lateral, Roger Madelin of British Land, Toğrul Gönden of DRIVEN Investment, Artem Korolev of Mission Street, and George Fraser-Harding of Aviva Investors.

Here is what we learned from them:

Resilience is a recurring theme

A recurring theme is the sector's emergence as a resilient investment opportunity, fuelled by demographic shifts and a growing focus on health and technology. The interviews underscore the unique challenges and prospects of the sector, highlighting the need for operational intensity, innovative development strategies, and a user-centric approach.

Six key aspects that contribute to this theme are:

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